A Site for Keeping Resolutions

If you have made that common New Year's resolution to lose weight, one of the most important parts of staying on track is knowing what you've eaten. DailyPlate.com, part of Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong.com, is a site where you can create a free account to track your food intake.

The smart calorie counter searches its database based on the keywords you type in real time, providing you with possible matches, including brand names. Your food intake is tracked based on meal times during the day, and nutritional information is broken down into the following categories: Servings, Cals, Fat, Chol, Sodium, Carbs, Sugar, Fiber, and Protein. If you don't find something that matches something you have eaten, you can enter your own food items.

There is a section to track your fitness and activities, to keep accurate account of how many calories you have burned. You can pay for a higher level account that opens up some additional tools, but the free account includes many features in addition to calorie and fitness tracking, like a food diary and motivational resources.

Like the "Dares" section. An example of a "Dare" is to walk 20 minutes a day. You can accept this dare, or give it to someone via the online community.

With sections on recipes and meals, and extensive information on living a healthier lifestyle, DailyPlate.com, is a great no-nonsense site to help you keep that resolution going!

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