Tutoring/Study Rooms Policy

Tutoring/Study Rooms Policies

In addition to the larger meeting rooms, Westlake Porter Public Library has a small group study room and five tutoring rooms. The study room is available during times when it is not in use for library or library-sponsored programs and activities. The tutoring rooms are available during the hours the library is open, until fifteen (15) minutes before closing.

All general meeting room reservation policies apply to these rooms.

  • Tutoring rooms may be scheduled for tutoring, proctoring of exams, and business/educational purposes. Customers can book the rooms in-person at the staff desk serving the area in which the rooms are located; or, can book the rooms up to a week in advance by phone, email, or fax to Community Services for up to two scheduled hours per use, daily. Individual volunteer tutors affiliated with Project:LEARN may book the rooms one month in advance.
  • Excessive no-shows or cancellations by individuals will result in loss of privileges. Bookings will be held for 15 minutes unless the user has notified the library that he/she will be late.
  • Individuals who wish to use the rooms to study are permitted to do so, on a first-come, first-served basis. They must sign-in at the Public Service Desk in that area. They may only use the room if it is not reserved for other purposes. There is a maximum use time of two (2) hours per day.
  • Fees may not be charged by tutors using the tutoring rooms, and use of the tutoring rooms by paid tutors/trainers for profit is prohibited.
  • Library audiovisual equipment is available for use in some of the tutoring rooms and may be used to preview videos or DVD’s when the rooms are not in use for tutoring/studying. Users of preview stations are limited to 30-minute periods. Staff may extend this time up to 2 hours if they feel that it is appropriate, e.g., for students viewing nonfiction videocassettes assigned in distance learning classes, or for adults viewing nonfiction videos/DVDs as part of a continuing education assignment. Videos viewed in these rooms by more than 3 people must have PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS. Customers are responsible for operating equipment and liable for damage.