A guide to the Birds of East Africa

{{9780547152585}} Judge it by its cover and you may be right about the East African birds being an important part of this book. Judge it by its title and you would be totally wrong! It is not a field guide to the birds but a sweet little love story and then some! Rose Mbikwa leads the weekly bird walk in Nairobi. A reserved, middle-aged widower by the name of Mr. Malik has a crush on her. Flashy and flamboyant Mr. Khan is his rival for her attention. That’s where the birds come in! Both of these gentlemen agree to a competition to identify the most number of bird species. The winner will have a chance to dance with Rose Mbikwa at a prestigious club. Mr. Khan has a lot of resources to help him with the race. Honorable and honest Mr. Malik on the other hand, has a secret personality up his sleeves! If you read this charming book to find out who wins, you will get a few laughs, an occasional tear and glimpses not only of the Kenyan landscape, but also its politics and serious social issues along the way.

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