Clouds for Tonight's Eclipse? Watch Online!

The forces of nature are in motion. The total lunar eclipse will take place tonight (actually in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Dec. 21) and there are no "rain dates." If the skies are clear we will have the rare opportunity to see an entire total lunar eclipse straight through from beginning to end. If the skies are cloudy, too bad, too sad.

I'm sad.

It's all but certain we will have solid overcast during the eclipse and won't get to see any of its eerie wonder with our own eyes.

If you happen to be awake in the early morning hours and have access to a Web browser, here are a couple of places you might be able to connect to live Web video feeds of the eclipse:

NASA: There will be a camera at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. I hope they have an alternative site... their sky forecast is about as bleak as ours! The video will be embedded on the following page:

Astronomers Without Borders: A global association sees us all under one sky. There is a list of several video feeds provided on the following page -- choose from among those in North America where the entire eclipse may be viewed. The various amateurs involved will have differing levels of quality and may or may not be "live" due to their local sky conditions:

Following the eclipse check online for the amazing images astronomers will certainly post there. Among the many sure to have great collections are NASA at Flickr, and

See my previous eclipse post for an illustration labeled with event times. And if by chance you should awaken in the early morning hours, look out your window for the Moon. Perhaps there will be a break in the clouds!


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