New Picture Books 3/6/07

The Youth Services Department recently received a variety of new picture books and we would like to share a few.

COWLICK! by Christin Ditchfield
This is a must read for anyone who has that one clump of hair that just won't lay down. It tells the story of how two little boys get cowlicks in their hair as they sleep.

NOT A BOX by Antoinette Portis
This title is a 2007 Geisel Award Honor Book.
Little Rabbit sure knows how to use his imagination when he finds a cardboard box to play with. Among many other things, the cardboard box becomes a racecar, a mountain and a robot for Little Rabbit.

SOME BABIES SLEEP by Cynthia Cotten
This rhyming story reveals where different animal babies sleep, from a nest high in the treetop to a mother's snug pouch.

DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE by Tad Hills
Duck and Goose face a challenge to their friendship when an young duck moves into their neighborhood who wants to play--and win--all sorts of games.

GOOD NIGHT ENGINES by Denise Dowling Mortensen
This is a simple sweet story about a little boy who is putting his various toy vehicles away for the night. The little boy and his toys have played hard during the day and it is time for everyone to get a good night's rest.

PIP & SQUEAK by Ian Schoenherr
After rushing through the snow to get to their friend's birthday party, two adorable mice realize that they forgot to bring the present.

We hope you enjoy these new stories and keep on the lookout for more new picture books!

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