More Facebook scams

image of Facebook scam applicationLately Facebook has been inundated with image tagging scams. The way it works is, someone clicks on an image and activates an application that then infects all of their friends, "tagging" their names to images which are advertisements, some for Olive Garden (whose name and brand have been pirated for these purposes), some for established scam organizations like "Profile Peekers" and "Profile Creepers," and some that are even worse.

All it takes is one person to click on these images for them to spread to all of their friends, because Facebook allows third-party applications to tag images that appear on your wall.

I have set my personal privacy settings so that people cannot see images that I have been tagged in, so that perhaps I might not help spread this, should I get "tagged."

  1. Click on "Account"
  2. "Privacy Settings"
  3. "Customize Settings"
  4. Next to "Photos and videos you're tagged in" click "Edit Settings"
  5. Next to "Who can see photos and videos I'm tagged in" change the drop-down to "Only Me"
  6. Click "Okay"

I have also disabled the ability to suggest images to friends. From the "Customize Settings" page:

  1. Next to "Suggest photos of me to friends" click "Edit Settings"
  2. Set drop-down to "disabled"
  3. Click "Okay."

For an excellent discussion of how these scams are operating, check out this thorough article from network security specialist Sophos.


Oh, and if you get an email saying that your facebook password has been changed, don't open it because...wait for's a scam, too!

The scams are flying fast and furious, these days. If you are on facebook, I recommend following Sophos Security. The company stays on top of these things.

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