A NOTE about Free Astrological Charts from the Internet

A word of caution--when a web site provides free analysis, it's computer generated and not a substitute for the kind of synthesized analysis a real live astrologer will provide. It's not uncommon, in a computer generated report, for one planet placement or aspect to be indicative of a particular personality characteristic, and another to be indicative of its complete opposite. One planet placement or aspect may indicate, for example, that you are "shy and retiring ", and another one will indicate that you are "outgoing and the life of the party".

"Real" astrologers, who generally charge for their reports, will examine your chart in its entirety, looking for patterns and repetitions that will provide a much more accurate and useful picture. In the case referred to above, he or she may see when, and under what circumstances, you are shy and retiring and under what circumstances you are outgoing and the life of the party.  He or she may see that one influence mitigates the other, so that, in fact, you are neither shy nor outgoing, but a more balanced personality. Or he or she may see that you begin life being shy and become outgoing later.

I’m grateful that this information is out there and available for free; but we have to be realistic about what can be done “for FREE”.

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