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Don't let strangers read your mail!

Yahoo! Mail users are now offered the option to "Keep me signed in for 2 weeks unless I sign out." This can be a real problem for users of public PCs like those we offer at this library.

Unless you sign out of Yahoo! Mail, the next person to visit Yahoo! sitting at the same PC you used will find your account completely open!

That stranger will be able to read your mail, send mail from your account, read your address book, do almost anything you could do if you were sitting there yourself! And it doesn't matter whether you or our automatic systems close your browser or SAM session before you get up to leave!

So when you access your Yahoo! Mail or other accounts from a public PC at this library or anywhere else, make sure you sign out! It would also be a good idea to "uncheck" the "keep me signed in" box. Keep your email yours.

yahoo mail

I guess that is what happens when you use the library internet. Use your home computer for all those emails--!

Library PCs

Actually it isn't the library's PCs that are the problem but how they are used. Which is why we posted the item about Yahoo! Mail and logging out. Companies make it very easy for users to stay "signed in" to accounts or to save login information on the PC. Little reminders from Web service providers about "public computers" often aren't enough.

It's safe to use the library's Internet access for online activities. It's up to users, however, to be careful --at home or at the library-- how they use their access and to remember where they are!

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