Couponing Librarian, 09/17/2011: Want More Coupons? Subscribe to all you magazine!

I've subscribed to All You magazine for several years, and I enjoy the inspiring articles, delicious recipes, holiday suggestions, financial advice and tips from readers on all kinds of subjects. What I love most, though, and why I began subscribing, is that the magazine is chock full of manufacturer coupons. In fact, the cover of each issue states the total coupon savings within. According to the web site, the magazine features more than $800 worth of coupons annually.

All You, a monthly publication, is available only through subscription or at Wal-Mart. (And, of course, at your local library, but you won't be able to cut out the coupons.) Purchasing a single copy at Wal-Mart will cost you about $2.25, but you can often find subscription discounts, such as at Right now, a one-year subscription is available for $19.97, which works out to $1.66 per issue. You can more than make up for the cost by using even one of the coupons included in each issue.  

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