Back Again


Sorry for not posting in a while; it's been busy, busy, busy. But I've hit a lull, so here are some things I hope you'll be interested in.

To begin with, let me ask, have the deer and the chipmunks come out of the woods to eat all the flowers off your impatiens? your lovely warm pink geraniums? Are your sunflowers lying crushed on the patio floor, all the seeds mysteriously disappeared? Does the chill in the air and the brush of color on the trees have your spiritual center moving in a certain direction? I thought it might. Autumn is here, and
you-know-what is right around the corner. So along with the pumpkins from the farmer’s market and the chrysanthemums from the nursery, bring home some quality reading material in sync with the season.

Check out my display on one of the mobile units infront of the Information Desk—all kinds of material pulled from the library's collection on occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena: Ghosts, Vampires, Fairies, Witchcraft, Wizardry, etc. I'll have this display up throughout the month of October. There's a smaller one, of the same type, on the end cap in the 100s area.

If you're looking for"Halloween" appropriate items—here they are. As the month wears on, expect to see material on Wicca, Druidry, Magic and other related areas. I'll try to keep it well stocked and inform you if the content should evolve. I'm thinking I may include some items on metaphysics and expanded or altered states of consciousness. We'll see.

Also, did you know that the Reading Room across from the check-out desk contains more than newspapers and magazines? It also houses new books. Speaking of  which-- I’ve decided to feature some of those new books (from my area of the collection) here onThe Edge, from time to time.  Check out my next post for the first batch.

Until then, remember, you can post a comment in response to any post on any of the library's blogs by clicking the comment link and filling out the form. You can also communicate privately with me about materials and programming on any Edge topics, by sending an email to



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