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Hello to All:

October is over and, with that, the displays on occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena are no longer up.  If you're still in the mood, you can find most of this material in the 130s area.  This would include anything on ghosts, hauntings, spirit possession, etc.  Witchcraft and Wizardry is at 133.4.  Check out the 299 area for information on Wicca, Druidry and other ancient religions. Metaphysical philosophy and materials on the nature of "evil" are in the 110s. 

Remaining bookmarks are in the plastic holders on the end cap at the end of the 100s.

The November display on my end cap features items, I believe Edge readers will be interested in, that are in sync with the Thanksgiving season. 

I'm going to focus initially on materials that explore the effect our thoughts have on material reality

There will be a number of items that propose that we can draw material abundance and success to ourselves by "thinking" and "feeling" the right way.  Can expecting good things to happen and feeling gratitude for what we already have open a door and allow a waiting universal energy to manifest abundance and success in our lives on a still greater scale? Can visualizing an event make it happen?  How and why does this work?

As the month wears on I may include a broader variety of materials that make suggestions regarding how we can improve our lives by behaving differently or altering our environments to allow a different quality of energy to pervade them.

That's all for now.  I'll try to be back tomorrow with another post.  Until then, remember you can use the comment link at the bottom of this or any other post on any of the library's blogs to ask questions or to express your own ideas on any of the matters we discuss.





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