Dover Center School

About 1870 in Dover Township, the 1839 frame school house on Dover Center Road south of Center Ridge was replaced by a two story building on the west side of the road. Because of its central location, the upstairs room became a school for advanced learning for the young people living in the area. Here students prepared for college entrance, for teachers’ examinations, or for positions as bookkeepers. The teacher, R. T. Elliott, was well-versed on all subjects. The two-story building was tall and narrow, with a ladder from the second story into the belfry. It is said that on Halloween, some of the boys in Dover would push and pull a neighborhood goat up into that belfry. The Dover Center School served as a center for advanced learning until the Red Brick School was built at the turn of the century.
When Dover Center School was abandoned, James Pease, the undertaker next door, purchased the school building. For several years, it was open to community activities, such as the Boy Scouts. In 1924, the building was remodeled by Clifford Pease and used as a funeral home. With a new addition to the north, the original building still stands as part of the Jenkins Funeral Chapel. Perhaps, upon close inspection, students’ initials can still be seen, carved into window sills.

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