Reflections/Magic/ Approaching Astrological Influences


Reflection, taking stock of our lives, feeling gratitude for what we have, and marking out a plan for the rest of our lives.  How will we improve our situation? Can we have more of what we want? What do we really need?

Check out these books which address these concerns in an Edgy way.

Do You Quantumthink? Thinking That Will Rock Your World
by  Diana Collins 153.42 C7012D 2011

This volume proposes something more than perceiving the glass as half empty or half full. Does our thinking actually change the world? If I think that people are cruel, do they become cruel? Are thoughts things, as my mother used to say? Do they make things happen?


Egyptian Prosperity Magic: Spells & Recipes for Financial Empowerment
by Claudia R. Dillaire 133.443 D578E 2011

Money Magic: Mastering Prosperity in Its True Element
by U.D. Frater 133.43 U11M 2011

In the current financial climate, many of us are interested in anything that will enable us to attract wealth into our lives.  Note the recent popularity of Rhonda Byrne's Secret and the numerous other books, published in the last few years, that deal with the"Law of Attraction".

The proposition here is that the ability of our thoughts to alter physical reality is enhanced by incorporating certain ritual actions and items with long histories of use. This is the underlying premise of all forms of  "magic".   If this is true, I wonder, is it because of some innate quality of the “items” or “activities” employed?

Do we simply use these things to focus our thought and, therefore, our own psychic power?

Or is it because, with long use, they have entered into that deep background layer of mind Jung called the “collective unconscious” of the human species? Does the sight of them, the sound of them, the experience of them, stir and activate that layer and, through it, the still deeper layer of universal consciousness that is adjacent? And what effect would that have?

In many spiritual traditions, universal consciousness is considered the same as divine consciousness and a thought in the mind of the divine, I have been told, is instantly manifested as reality. What do you think?


Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil
by Liz Greene 133.537 G811S 2011

Astrology of Sustainability: The Challenge of Pluto in Capricorn
by J. Lee Lehman 133.5 L523A 2011

Astrologers weigh in on the matter, challenging us to redefine what we want in terms of what is possible and healthy for us as individuals, communities of individuals, and as a living planet.

Read what the cycles of time ordain for us in the near and distant future with regard to our use of planetary resources. Learn how experiences of pain, frustration, and limitation, associated with the movements of the planet, Saturn, are really gifts. If responded to properly, they lead to personal growth, increased personal power, and greater satisfaction in life.

For those who see guidance along a path of spiritual development in the study of astrology.


That's all for now; I'll be back soon to pick up some of the loose threads. 
















































































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