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Super Bowl Sunday is definitely not just about the game anymore.  Everything about the day has been super-sized.  For example, it is the most popular pizza delivery day of the year, with Pizza Hut selling over 2 million last year and Papa John's cooking up over a million.  According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, the total amount of consumer spending for Super Bowl Sunday is predicted to be over $11 billion for 2012.  That's an average of $63.87 per person being spent on clothes, merchandise, and snacks.

And then there are the commercials.  Many people surveyed said they watch the game just to see the ads.  Companies are shelling out $3.5 million for each 30 second spot, up from $3 million in 2011.  The costs for the pre-game and halftime shows are not as readily available, but are covered by the NFL.  However, the NFL does not pay an appearance fee to the headlining performers (ex. Madonna, 2012)

The payout each player receives has certainly increased over the years.  Players must be on the active roster and must have played in 3 regular season games to be eligible for the full amount.  In the first Super Bowl, (Green Bay vs. Kansas City in 1967), the Packers' players each received $15,000, while the Chiefs got $7,500.  Last year, in Super Bowl XLV, the Packers' payout was $83,000 per player and the Steelers received $42,000 each.

Not to be forgotten is the bling - the winning team's Super Bowl rings.  The NFL foots the bill for these rings which keep getting bigger and bigger, in price and design.  The rings given to the Packers in 1967 featured a one-carat diamond and were valued at $750 each.  Today, the NFL allots the winning team up to 150 rings at a price of $5,000 per ring.  Every Super Bowl ring has on it the player's name, the score of the game, the team insignia, and the Super Bowl logo.  The team can add any other features they want to have included.  The Patriots' rings for Super Bowl XXXIX featured 124 diamonds and weighed more than a quarter pound.

What about records for the game itself?  From the NFL website, here are some super statistics:

Most points scored by a team - 55 - by San Francisco vs. Denver in Super Bowl XXIV.

Fewest points scored by a team - 3 - by Miami vs. Dallas in Super Bowl VI.

Most total points - 75 - San Francisco (49) vs. San Diego (26) in Super Bowl XXIX.

Most appearances by a team in a Super Bowl - 8 - Dallas Cowboys.

Most Super Bowl wins by a team - 6 - Pittsburgh Steelers.

Most games coached - 6 - Don Shula (Baltimore and Miami).

Most games won by a head coach - 4 - Chuck Noll (Pittsburgh Steelers).

Longest Field Goal - 54 yards - Steve Christie (Buffalo) vs. Dallas in Super Bowl XXVIII in Atlanta.

Most TD passes in a game - 6 - Steve Young, of San Francisco vs. San Diego - Super Bowl XXIX.

Most passing yards in one game - 414 - Kurt Warner (St. Louis) vs. Arizona - Super Bowl XXXIV.

Most passes intercepted in a Super Bowl career - 8 - John Elway (Denver) - 5 games!

Most rushing touchdowns - 3 - Terrell Davis (Denver) vs. Green Bay - Super Bowl XXXII.

Jerry Rice records - Most TD receptions in a game - 3, Most TD receptions in his Super Bowl career - 8 (in 4 gmes), Most yards receiving in one game - 215 (11 catches in Super Bowl XXIII, Most career points - 48 - (4 games, 8 TDs).

Largest crowd (and no, it wasn't at Jerry Jones' palace in Dallas) - 103,985 at the Rose Bowl in 1989 - Super Bowl XIV - Steelers vs. L.A. Rams (2011 in Dallas - attendance was 103,219).

There has never been a Super Bowl game that has gone into overtime.

Super Bowl XLVI, from Indianapolis, kicks off Sunday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 pm.  Enjoy the game!


Featured Book of the Month:

The Long Snapper:  A Second Chance, A Super Bowl, A Lesson for Life by Jeffrey Marx. (796.332092 K51L).

"The book chronicles the improbable and inspirational journey of Brian Kinchen, a family man and Bible school teacher three years retired from the NFL who was recalled to play for the New England Patriots in their drive to Super Bowl XXXVIII."


Coming Up:

The Daytona 500 on February 26, 2012 at 1:00 pm.  Last year's champion, Trevor Bayne was just 20 years and one day old when he won, making him the youngest to ever win the race.


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