The "lost" episode of Dr. Who, Douglas Adams' "Shada" is now available as a novel.

In the 1970s Douglas Adams worked as a writer on the British sci-fi series Doctor Who, while at the same time writing the iconic "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series.

Shada was written by Douglas Adams as the proposed final episode of the 1979-80 season of Dr. Who. However, a strike at the BBC caused the episode to be shelved, even though primary filming had already begun.

Douglas Adams himself was said to be relieved that the episode didn't air, as he was unhappy with the script, which has been rushed to completion. However, fans of Dr. Who and Douglas Adams would not let the episode die.

A completed version has never truly been produced. Parts of the episode were 1st seen as part of "The Five Doctors" special in 1983. Additional footage was released on video in 1992, and an audioplay was produced from an adapted version of the script, along with animation in 2003.

Now author Gareth Roberts has returned to the original source material, including production notes and script changes from the original tv series rehearsals, and flushed out the story into novel form, using Adams writing style and tying up loose ends that Adams didn't have time to complete. The story contains obvious nods to Adams other works as well as references to modern events that would not have been included in the original. Even so, it's easy to visualize how the script would have played out as an episode, and it's fun to imagine Tom Baker back in the role that defined his career. If you are a fan of either Dr. Who or Douglas Adams, Shada is definitely worth reading.

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