Reiki Program Follow-Up


Greetings Edge Readers:

I want to follow-up on our Reiki program that took place on Oct. 25. Thanks to everyone who attended and to our speaker, Linda Street, who did a wonderful job.

I've been going through the evaluations and taking note of your comments and suggestions for future programs. Those of you who indicated you're interested in seeing more on Reiki, with more in-depth coverage of the topic, will be happy to know that we will be having Linda back next year for a Reiki 102. We look forward to that. If you suggested programming on other topics, rest assured I have forwarded your suggestions to the appropriate staff members.

I've printed off some additional copies of the bibliography, so those of you who didn't pick one up at the program can still get one. They're in the plastic holders above the end cap in the Philosophy/Religion area of the Adult Non-Fiction collection (by the 100s and 200s, for those of you who know the Dewey classification system). They'll be available there for pick-up until they go.

The books from the display at the front have been returned to their regular locations, so if you're having a hard time finding what you're looking for, refer to the dewey numbers in the bibliography or ask a staff member to help.

That's all for now, I'll try to post again soon with information about new books and interesting topics.

Remember, you can always submit suggestions, comments, or questions by hitting the comment link associated with this post, or emailing me directly at I'm especially interested in ideas for future programming. If you can recommend a topic or a specific speaker, please let me know.


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