I know, I know!

Who wants to hear about the “H” word?
I know, I know! but if I don’t tell you about it now, it’ll all be gone!

Yep, I’m talking about Holiday Music. Groan.

Well, lucky for me, I can listen to it all the time. I love the holidays, the festivities, the decorations, well, I love all that; it’s the putting away I can’t stand.

When I was little, my father had to make a rule for me that I couldn’t listen to holiday music until the day after Thanksgiving. We would stack up the records on the player and we would sing while we did our Saturday chores. We even knew where all the skips were and what song was next. Oh, the good ole days…

While I have all my favorite songs from childhood, I am constantly adding more, even though I sometimes wonder how many different versions of each song I really need; I’ve got to have Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, and Johnny Mathis (among others).

Well never fear, I have more CD’s for you to listen to! Who’s coming out with new CD’s? Here we go: (alphabetical, of course)

Colbie Caillat   Christmas in the Sand
Jeremy Camp   Christmas: God With Us
Celtic Woman   Home for Christmas
Steven Curtis Chapman   Joy
Katherine Jenkins   My Christmas
Lady Antebellum   On This Winter’s Night
Mandisa   It’s Christmas (Angel Addition)
Mannheim Steamroller   A Candlelight Christmas
Scotty McCreery   Christmas with Scotty McCreery
Christina Perri   Very Merry Perri Christmas
Andre Rieu   Home for the Holidays
Blake Shelton   Cheer’s, It’s Christmas
Rod Stewart   Merry Christmas, Baby
Tracey Thorn   Tinsel and Lights
Trans-Siberian Orchestra   Dreams of Fireflies

There are also several compilations of Christmas music available, two that proceeds go to the Special Olympics: A Very Special Christmas 25th Anniversary, Bringing Joy to The World, and A Very Special Christmas, Bringing Peace on Earth. Check them out and consider purchasing them for a great cause.

I have to say that I have listened to several of these already. I was thrilled to see that Colbie Caillat, Lady Antebellum, and Blake Shelton have some original songs. Don’t get me wrong, others do as well, (Rod Stewart has one song) but I have a gazillion White Christmas’s, Let It Snow’s and Silver Bells, that I really don’t want another one. I want to hear something new.

One album was brought to my attention and I got a kick out of it! Ready?
This Christmas with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta! Ha! It doesn’t come out until the 19th, so I’ve only heard the samples available on Amazon, not too bad! (especially if you like them).

Well, I hope you find a couple new CD’s you like. I can’t wait for the snow! Yes, I said it, SNOW! Woo-hoo!

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!


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