What's worse...puberty or apocalypse?

What could possibly be worse than adolescence? Only one thing, the end of the world.
In The age of miracles by Karen Thompson Walker, Julia is almost 12. She is a quiet girl, average in every way, and she's beginning to feel left behind. Her friends are changing, her parents relationship is changing, and she feels like everyone knows a secret they aren't telling her. It feels like her world is ending, but in this case she may be right.
The earth is slowing down. It is actually rotating more slowly, which is making the days and nights longer. The normal 12 hour clock no longer applies to the movement of the sun and moon.
Of course, people panic, but the change is slow, so the government makes the decision that we should stay on "clock time" no matter if the sun is out or not. This means that some "days" will be dark and some "nights" will be light. Most people adapt to this new system, but some decide that they want to continue to have daylight during their day ad darkness at night. These people are ostracized from their communities and most leave to form communities separate from those on clock time.
One by one, Julia's friends leave school, or leave town. How can she grow up when there may be no world waiting for her?
This book is available in the FICTION section at the WPPL.

I'd take the apocalypse over

I'd take the apocalypse over puberty any day!

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