Try the "Horror movie diet"!

Need to lose some weight? According to the January issue of Reader's Digest, watching horror movies is a good way to do it.
Watching a scary movie causes your adrenaline to surge, burning nearly as many calories as a brisk walk. Apparently just watching Stanley Kubrick's The Shining can burn up to 184 calories!

So head to the Popular Materials area of WPPL, and check out the new "Horror" section of DVDs.
Horror films are now located in their own area, near the end of the DVD shelving, before Musicals and Television.

Here you can find classic horror such as Frankenstein and Dracula, modern horror such as Saw and Halloween, supernatural thrillers such as The Omen and Poltergeist, monster films such as Godzilla and Cloverfield, and Sci-fi thrillers such as Invasion and Alien.

Of course, as always, check with your doctor before starting any kind of weight-loss program. Just make sure it's not Dr. Jeckyll! (Bwah ha ha)

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