Need Help Reading the Paper?

If you have a subscription to the new "e edition" of the Plain Dealer and are having a little trouble with it, the paper has released a video on how to use the app version. It is fairly fast-paced. While it does not cover the desktop version of the e edition, the app is pretty similar. So if you are having trouble on the desktop version, the video is still worth a look. 

I am working on offering some better training materials for everyone, but I need some permissions from the Plain Dealer. You know, copyright stuff.

As someone who helps a lot of people with technology and training, let me reassure you, this new edition of the paper is not easy to use. I consider myself pretty technologically savvy, and it took me a lot of time to sort out the best way to get through this new electronic edition of the paper. So it's not just you.

We are all hoping it gets easier to use. Until then, we are looking into offering a class, and providing some sort of guide. Hang in there.

You're welcome Beth!

You're welcome Beth!

Thank you for all your help

Thank you for all your help with making technology easier to use! I feel better knowing even you find the e edition difficult to navigate.

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