I was just thinking of my son singing a song in the car, and he heard “on my lawn” when the actual lyrics were, “all night long”. Of course, now I can’t remember the song! Anyhoo, that made me think of mondegreens. Yes, there really is something call mondegreens and it got its name like this: From the mishearing in a Scottish ballad of “laid him on the green” as “Lady Mondegreen”. A mondegreens is the mishearing of something said or sung. The Merriam-Webster dictionary uses this example: "'very close veins' is a mondegreen for 'varicose veins'", ha!

So, we can have some fun with this! I mentioned it to a co-worker and she laughed and said that she always thought one line from England Dan & John Ford Coley’s I’d Really Love to See You Tonight was, “I’m not talking ‘bout your linen” when the words are, “I’m not talking about moving in”.

image of ramenAnother one is a the T-Mobile commercial with Catherine Zeta-Jones, where the guy in the car is singing the Def Leppard song, Pour Some Sugar on Me, but his lyrics are, “Pour some shook-up Ramen (on me)”. Watch the commercial here.

A funny website I found is, (which got its name here) and has oodles of misheard lyrics, some of them I laughed out loud, which in the library, is generally frowned upon, but we seem to get away with it from time to time.

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