Sleepless in...EVERYWHERE! Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun

What if something apocalyptic happens in the future and suddenly 90% of the population can no longer sleep? What if you are one of the few who CAN? How quickly would society crumble? What happens when no one can sleep anymore?

If you don’t sleep, you will go crazy and then die. This is a biological fact. Without sleep people start to lose their minds, their bodies begin to fall apart, their immune systems collapse.

When a deadly insomnia epidemic descends upon the earth, populations become overwhelmingly afflicted, and society starts to shut down. Gangs of the sleepless roam the streets, confused and disoriented, attacking anyone still capable of sleep. As the number of zombie-like sufferers increases, mere survival becomes less likely for both the sleepers and the sleepless.

In Black Moon, Kenneth Calhoun re-imagines the Zombie Apocalypse genre, only instead of turning into the undead, the “Insomniacs” turn into sleepless lurching, insane, murderous beings, their wrath and hatred turned toward the few “Sleepers” who must now hide to sleep or they run the risk of being discovered and killed, even by their loved ones.

Calhoun’s depiction of the collapse of language, reason, and love in a world without sleep is unflinching, and—scariest of all—it feels very contemporary.

Find it in the New book room under SF CALHOUN, KENNETH

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