It’s All About Apps (Part 1)

The Media Maven of Westlake Porter Library is here to present you with all the possible choices you have available to you for your serious search and entrancing entertainment needs all on your mobile device. You may have known about some of the choices available at your convenient app store, but maybe not. For the next few posts the Media Maven will give you a listing of what Westlake Porter Public Library has to offer for the mobile user.


Access My Library App
Access My Library App includes access to Gale Cengage databases to which libraries subscribe. Here’s a listing of Gale databases available from Westlake on the Access My Library app:

Business Insights: GlobalAccess My Library App
Gale Legal Forms
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Small Business Resource Center

Access My Library is available on both Apple and Android devices. To download for Apple go to, and to download for Android go to

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to have location services turned on for it, as it uses your location to find the nearest library to you and their Gale databases. Just click on Westlake Porter Public Library on the map and you will be connected.


Glassdoor Company Salaries, Reviews, and Interview Questions

Glassdoor is a very handy instrument for job seekers, listing company information and salaries, job postings, and other important job search tools. It is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Glassdoor App
For Apple, go to, and for Android go to


Mango Languages/Little Pim
Who wants to learn a new language? Mango Languages is a great program that lets you learn dozens of new languages. It can also help those who have English as a second language. Before you use the app, you need to first create an account from a computer so you can easily log in from the app. Just follow the link from to sign up intially.

Mango app
Mango is available for both Apple and Android devices. For Apple, go to, and for Android, go to

Little Pim is a version of Mango for children; it does not offer the same number of languages, but it still has a good size list. It is incorporated with the Mango software from a computer, but the apps do not have access to it.

There is no Android app, but an Apple app called Teach Your Kids a Language – Spanish, Chinese, French and more is free and offers similar instruction. Find it here:

The Media Maven with be back with more apps soon. She hopes you have a wonderful week!

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