The Martian by Andy Weir

A freak accident leaves astronaut Mark Watney stranded alone on the surface of the red planet in 'The Martian'.

A massive storm forces the Ares 3 mission to abort, but Watney is struck by flying debris during evacuation and presumed dead. In order to stay alive against what any sane assessment would call insurmountable odds, the engineer/botanist must take into account literally every detail.

Showing an ingenuity that comes from a combination of his training, and of having no real alternative, Watney resourcefully MacGyvers all manner of available equipment to serve his needs. Watney's sole hope of recovery seems to be the next scheduled Ares mission, which is still a long, long way off.
Watney discovers that when finding yourself alone on the surface of an alien world-despair is a luxury, and one you cannot afford.

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