Stuck on Summer

We’re heading into the home stretch of a so-so summer.  Personally, it wasn’t hot enough for me and the pool days were too few and far between.  I’ve kicked into back to school mode already though we have a few weeks left and the kids are in desperate need of some last minute distractions.  Kids of all ages love to play with sand but if you don’t get to the beach often, try this recipe for Sticky Sand.

5 cups play sand + 3 cups all purpose flour + 1 cup vegetable oil

Mix together and play!  This and other fun sand ideas, like sand slime and glow in the dark sand, can be found at Growing a Jeweled Rose

Another activity that kids enjoy are bubbles.  Bubbles do especially well on humid days and forget that store-bought  stuff.  Create your own batches of bubbles with this homemade recipe.   I have seen it mentioned in various places that Joy dishwashing soap is the best for making bubbles though I’m sure whatever you have on hand will do the trick.  Mix 2/3 cup of dishwashing liquid soap with 1 gallon of water and add 2-3 tablespoons of glycerin to give the bubbles more bounce.  Glycerin can often be found at drug stores and always at craft stores near the soap-making supplies. 

To create giant bubbles, you’ll need 2 straws (non-bendy, or just cut off the bendy ends) and a piece of cotton string about 3 feet long.  Thread the string through the 2 straws and tie a knot to form a loop.  Dip the loop in the soap mixture.  Using the straws as handles, open the loop and blow gently on the soap film. Squeeze the loop shut to help form a complete bubble.  If you swirl the bubble maker in the air, you will get funny-shaped bubbles.  From Get Out! Outdoor activities kids can enjoy everywhere (except indoors) by Hallie Warshaw with Jake Miller (J 796.W295g)

You can even blow bubbles with your bare hands.  Make a circle with your fingers (like the sign for “okay”) and dip in the soap and blow.  Use both hands to make a big circle with your pointer fingers and thumbs.  This would be a great activity on a hot day with sprinklers turned on.  If it gets in their hair, just check off bath time on the getting ready for bed list!


Enjoy the last few weeks of vacation with some beach themed reading:

Pete at the Beach   JE Dean, James

Sand Castles and Sand Palaces   JP O’Connor, Jane

Kylie Jean: Summer Camp Queen  JF Peschke, M

Judy Moody and the not bummer summer  JF McDonald, Megan



Young Adult fiction

We Were Liars  YA Lockhart, E.

The Summer I Turned Pretty  YA Han, Jenny

September Girls  YA Madison, Bennett








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