Distribution of Ohio Tax Forms Ending

In recent years the Ohio Department of Taxation has found that only 10% of printed personal income tax returns end up being filed with the state of Ohio. To eliminate this waste of paper, they are ending bulk distributions. Income Tax Instruction booklets, however, will continue to be sent to public libraries.

Please note that forms can still be obtained by:

  1. Visiting the Ohio Department of Taxation web site;
  2. Calling their toll-free Forms Request line (1-800-282-1782), or
  3. Writing them at:
    Ohio Department of Taxation
    P.O. Box 2476
    Columbus, OH 43216-2476

Deliveries of tax booklets to the library will begin sometime in January 2017. Since we don't have an exact date, you may want to call 440-871-2600 and ask for the Reference desk to find out if we have received them.

Due to availability, customers are limited to one booklet per patron.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.