It's a Mystery 4/29/08

Popular Mystery Authors

Ingram Book Group, the vendor from whom we order most of our books, has an author standing order program.  This program allows us to develop a list of the most popular authors here at Westlake Porter Public Library.  When these authors publish a new title, Ingram automatically sends us our designated number of copies just before the release date so we can process the books and have them ready to go.

Ingram creates their popular author standing order list based in part on the number of copies printed by the publishers. For example, Janet Evanovich's latest Stephanie Plum book, Fearless Fourteen, (June) will have an initial print run of 2 million copies!  Another standing order author popular with our mystery readers is Alexander McCall Smith, who writes the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series.  His newest title, Miracle at Speedy Motors, came out in mid-April with an initial print run of 300,000 copies.  Robert Parker's most recent Jesse Stone mystery, Stranger in Paradise, had an initial print run of 275,000.

Several of you have asked about the latest Lilian Jackson Braun "The Cat Who..." mystery.  The Cat Who Smelled Smoke, originally scheduled for release in April, was postponed.  Now Ingram is showing that the publisher has cancelled.  According to BookPage, Putnam Publishers say the 95-year-old Braun is still writing, but they have no other information about the status of this book.

The final entry in the Martha's Vineyard series, Vineyard Chill, will be released in June.  Author Philip R. Craig passed away in May, 2007, leaving 3 completed novels.  Vineyard Stalker and Third Strike (written with  William Tapply) are already on our shelves.

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