Eclipse thrills millions

Photo: NASA TV image of the 2008 total solar eclipse at totality.

On Friday, August 1, a total eclipse of the Sun took place within a narrow corridor that traverses half the Earth. We couldn't see it from the U.S. except via TV and the Web. The sight thrilled millions, however, seeing it with their own eyes or remotely, via electronic means.

It appeared the NASA site may have become inaccessible due to excessive traffic. Fortunately, the Exploratorium site remained online and delivered good "live" views of the eclipse along with intelligent commentary. There was a lot of anxiety amongst would-be eclipse watchers who had come from around the world to witness the event ... skies were cloudy! An opening appeared amongst the clouds, however, and as temperatures fell due to reduced sunlight, the full glory of the eclipse could be seen as it reached totality.

When you visit the library be sure to be on the lookout for news and astronomy magazines over the coming weeks. There are sure to be glorious images published!
In the mean time, the archived webcast is available from the Exploratorium page. Other images are available at NASA's site.

Photo: NASA TV image of the 2008 total solar eclipse at totality.

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