Astronomy: Journey to Palomar on TV

A new PBS documentary about the history of American astronomy premiers Monday, Nov. 10. Entitled The Journey to Palomar, the film is about George Ellery Hale and the building of the giant telescopes at the Yerkes, and Mount Wilson Observatories, and Hale's crowning achievement at Palomar.  The 90-minute program premiers nationwide on PBS November 10.

The filmmakers write, "More than a science film, The Journey To Palomar is the story of America's 'can-do' spirit at its very best. The combination of Hale's dramatic personal story set against the backdrop of American history and humankind's reach into the far corners of the universe creates a film with appeal to viewers of all ages."

The massive 200-inch Palomar telescope was begun in 1928. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: Hale died in 1938; construction of the telescope was halted during World War 2; and finally, in 1948, the 200-inch Hale Telescope at the Palomar Observatory saw "first light." For decades it was the largest telescope in the world and, with upgraded instruments, it continues in fruitful scientific research to this day.

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