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Local History narrated by librarian Zac Springer

The Media Maven's goal is to help you understand what resources and databases the library has access to, how to use them, and sometimes give reviews to books she thinks you might enjoy.

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Or is it okey-dokey? Or perhaps, as Ned Flanders would say, Okely-Dokely? apps logo, the U.S. government's official web portal, has a site that offers a range of smart phone apps. Apps are available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, but every app isn't available for every platform. Many of these apps are actually mobile websites that will run on any web-capable device.

Couponing Librarian, 09/02/2011: 10 Cent Pack of Pens, 25 Cent Crayola Crayons, and More!

"When you help others, you can't help helping yourself." - from The Money Song, Avenue Q (musical)


Questions About Tarot

beginning tarot smaller.png

GREETINGS ALL. As promised, I've been looking at the evaluations collected at our last program. I see that a number of you are interested in Tarot reading. I want to remind you that the library owns many good books on the Tarot. You can find them in the Adult Nonfiction area at the dewey number 133.32424. I've recently done some shifting of the books on the shelves in the 100s area, so those of you who have looked for these books before might be surprised to find that they're not where you expect them to be. But don't despair, they're just arond the corner on the TOP shelf.

If you're a beginning Tarot reader, I recommend you check out one of the following:

Couponing Librarian, 08/27/2011: Lots of Great Deals at Staples - Week of 08/28/2011

The deals at Staples just keep coming! Below you'll find what's hot this week (remember, these make great donations to the school of your choice):


Learn Javascript

Have you wanted to learn javascript, a critical language in web design and development? Would you like to learn the basics so quickly that you will wonder what just happened when you've finished the lessons? I'm not even kidding.

Check out Once you land on the page, your first lesson is waiting for you. No signup required. But once you do sign up (which is free), you can track your progress.

Thanks to Everyone Who Attended Our Recent Program on "Psychic Reading"


Thanks to everyone who attended our recent program on "Psychic Reading". I've breezed through the evaluation sheets, and know that most of you had a good time and learned some things. I'll be going through these more carefully and thoroughly as soon as I have a break in my other duties, and will answer any questions and address any concerns I find.

If you forgot to indicate on the evaluation sheet that you want to be included on the email distribution list we use to notify regular attendees of upcoming programs, you can still do so.  Just supply it to any staff member at an adult area public service desk or email me at