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Adult Book Blog and Recommended Reads - Staff book reviews, fiction and non-fiction.

The Edge: A blog about Occult philosophy, depth psychology, ancient times, future times and the frontiers of science.

Farnsworth's blog features news and reviews in the world of sci-fi.

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It's a Mystery is a blog about the Mystery genre and its many subgenres.

Just the Facts - In Reference, we learn something new every day. What we find, we share with you.

Let's Talk Trending keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest in what's happening in Popular Culture.

The Media Maven's goal is to help you understand what resources and databases the library has access to, how to use them, and sometimes give reviews to books she thinks you might enjoy.

Music Musings on Monday features music news, releases, and everyday musings.

Pics & Tricks - Need help? Tips and tricks about illustration and graphic design on library computers.

The Playful Parent - Make the most of your family time with ideas for activities and crafts that entertain and educate!

The Sports Section covers the world of sports, from alpine skiing to yachting.

STEAM - all about Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.

Compelling and Tense Fiction!

The Painter of Battles By Arturo Perez-Reverte This latest novel from a popular Spanish author focuses on a world-weary war photographer who is now living in a tower off the coast of Spain. His solitary life is abruptly broken when a battle scarred soldier visits him. Together, they wrestle over issues of war, love, art, and revenge. A wonderfully written and contemporary read!

The role of chess in world culture

"The immortal game" was a casual game of chess played in London in 1851 between two chess tournament participants away from the competition, that become an historic match.

Get Ready for March Madness with

College basketball fans are gearing up for the big tournament. A great site dedicated to college basketball is The site features rankings, news, stats, scores, and much more. You can get widgets to embed stats for a particular game in your blog, web page, etc.

Whether you're into March "bracketology" or just a rabid fan, this site will keep the basketball fan happy (until they're been knocked out of the office pool on the first day of the tournament).

Eifelheim: A deep blend of Historical and Science Fiction

Eifelheim by Michael Flynn Tom is a cliologist, a mathematical historian (Flynn's own term, analogous to Asimov's "psychohistory"), struggling to understand why the German town of Eifelheim, abandoned during the Black Plague, was never resettled. Sharon, Tom's girlfriend and a physicist, drives him out of the apartment to the library so she can complete her own contemplations, which will prove paramount in resolving Tom's questions.

Lunar Eclipse Webcasts!

"Live" eclipse webcasts

Too cold to stand outside? Clouds covering the Moon? Watch from the comfort of your keyboard! During the eclipse (see info at right margin) check out the following links recommended by for "live" webcasts of the event. Of course, if the weather is clear be sure and take a look at the eclipse from your own back yard... there's nothing like seeing it with your own eyes! See my earlier post about the eclipse for more information and online resources. Note: there's an error in that post... the Moon will begin to brighten in the wee hours of Thursday morning, NOT Sunday!

Live webcasts: from the Canary Islands; from Norway; from Iran; from Columbus, Georgia; from the Netherlands; from Belgium; from Spain; and another from Spain.

Are you "inta" social networking sites? Check out ""

If you digg, flickr, youtube, etc., and want to have a single profile to share with friends, check out Now, keeping up with all of your friends' accounts is much easier.

Whatever you do on your social network sites, your iminta profile is automatically updated. You can collect your profiles from other sites as a single feed, or break it up to determine who sees what. This variable approach to privacy is novel, and worth keeping an eye on

Lunar Eclipse Feb. 20

The weather isn't looking promising but weather or not {get it?} the sky cooperates, there will be a total lunar eclipse Wednesday night, Feb. 20. Given clear skies, it's a show not to be missed and it's a "prime time" event!

You can get a great view of it from their own back yard without need of a telescope. If the sky is clear just step outside and look at the Moon at about 9 PM when the eclipse (technically already underway) should begin to become noticeable. Check back occasionally over the next hour or so as the Moon moves deeper into Earth's shadow. Adding to the spectacle will be the bright ringed planet Saturn which will shine like a golden star near the then-darkened Moon. By 10:00 the Moon will be in full eclipse. It won't begin to brighten again until about 11:00 and will be back to its full brilliance in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The next total lunar eclipse visible from here will take place in the early morning hours of December 21, 2010.

An observing chart and more details are available via several online sources. Here are two very good resources:

Chess and intrigue in pre-WWI Russia

Zugzwang: In chess, the state when a player is forced to make moves, but each move one makes only worsens one's predicament.

In St. Petersburg, in 1914, pscyhoanalyst Dr. Otto Spethmann finds himself a suspect in the murder. A widower, Dr. Spethmann is consumed with anxiety for his daughter, whose involvement with a victim makes her a target, as well., great recipe search engine is a great search engine for recipes. Enter ingredients that you have on hand, and the Website provides recipes. The system also tells you what other ingredients you might need for each recipe.

The site searches other recipe Websites, bringing you a large pool of recipes to draw on.

Valentine's Day Computer Virus

The Valentine's Day Storm Worm virus is out there. The Storm Worm virus has used other holidays, especially those associated with greeting cards.

The virus is delivered in a bogus email that directs users to click on a link in order to receive an electronic greeting card. What really happens is some really nasty software (a.k.a. malware) is installed on the user's computer, making it part of what is called a "botnet"--a network of computers that have been taken over by malware for illegal purposes.