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GREETINGS ALL. As promised, I've been looking at the evaluations collected at our last program. I see that a number of you are interested in Tarot reading. I want to remind you that the library owns many good books on the Tarot. You can find them in the Adult Nonfiction area at the dewey number 133.32424. I've recently done some shifting of the books on the shelves in the 100s area, so those of you who have looked for these books before might be surprised to find that they're not where you expect them to be. But don't despair, they're just arond the corner on the TOP shelf.

If you're a beginning Tarot reader, I recommend you check out one of the following:

Tarot 101 : mastering the art of reading the cards 1st ed: Huggens, Kim: 133.32424 H891T 2010

The 2-hour Tarot Tutor : the fast, revolutionary method for learning to read Tarot cards in two hours—without memorizing meanings!: Carroll, Wilma; 133.32424 C319T 2004 

Tarot for Beginners: an easy guide to understanding & interpreting the Tarot: Hollander, P. Scott:
133.32424 H745T 1995

Check out Simply Psychic: Caulfield, Ann: 133.8 C372S 2009 for a chapter on Tarot. This book also provides introductory material on crystal gazing, astro projection, telepathy and mediumship.
I'll be back soon with some recommendations for the more advanced Tarot Reader. So don't forget to Keep Your Eye on the Edge.

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