The Crocker Family

Jedediah Crocker was born in 1762. He served in the Revolutionary War on General Washington's staff. Jedediah married Sarah Gifford in Berkshire, Massachusetts in 1782. They had seven children: Noah, Jedediah, David, Sarah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Polly, Philena, and Aurelia. In June of 1811, Jedediah moved his family to Euclid, Ohio.
The Crocker family came to Ohio on a mission to found a new Congregational Church. On May 25, 1812, Jedediah purchased 1950 acres for the sum of $3900 from Nehemiah Hubbard, Jr. and Joshua Stow, members of the Connecticut Land Company. The land was located in Dover Township, Ohio.
Jedediah's son, Noah Crocker, cleared the land part time and worked at the blast furnace in Elyria. Noah served as a Trustee of Dover Township in 1813 and 1823, as Clerk in 1816-1818 and 1822, and as Treasurer from 1825-1827. His sister, Betsy, started the first school in the township. When she married, Philena Crocker taught in her place.
Jedediah settled the land Noah had cleared in 1816. He organized the Dover Congregational Church on Dover Center Road, still in existence today. Jedediah died in 1841 at the age of 80. His wife, Sarah, died on October 20, 1855 at the age of 92. Both were buried in Clemens Cemetery, and moved to Evergreen Cemetery on Center Ridge Road.
The Crockers have left a permanent mark on the area. Crocker Road and Crocker Park are a tribute to the family's early settlement.

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